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People have been using holographic solutions increasingly in the last 25 years in order to protect their products from counterfeiting, to make the products unique, or to simply attract attention. The evolution of the printing industry regarding holography has created such an unrivaled technology which to this day cannot be replaced by anything else. Our premium quality customised holograms are created with a 120 000 dpi master which prevents replication in any way.

The technologies and materials shown on this site can satisfy most of our customers' needs but if required, our continuous research and development for unique combinations ensure your product's safety and unmatched aesthetics.

Why do you need hologram label?
1. Because it can be environmentally friendly
2. Because it is beautiful!
3. Because it is safe!
4. Because it is easy to handle
5. Because it is hard to access for others
6. Because it is hard to copy
7. Because it makes the product unique
8. Because the competition does not have it
9. Because your competitor has it already

1. Because it can be environmentally friendly

Hologram labels have an environmentally friendly version, the hologram paper label, so your label does not have to be plastic. If our customers have green policies, we can satisfy their needs too, because the environment is very important to our company too.

2. The hologram label is beautiful!

The hologram is an aesthetically extraordinary, rainbow looking metallic or transparent phenomenon. With its harmonic rainbow colours and movements, softness or sturdiness the dynamism emerges from the regular printing products. The extremely high resolution - which can range from 120 000 dpi to even a million - is able to make such effects and phenomenons which cannot be reproduced by regular printing methods.

There are two different types of aesthetical thinking about the hologram as a subject. Surprisingly, the dividing line is in Eastern Europe. East from there, the people prefer the colourful, flashy, spectacular holograms, in Western Europe and North America, people prefer the mystical, moderate, even transparent or demetallized holograms. Here most people feel the the flashy, multicoloured hologram looks too repulsive.

3. The hologram technology is safe!

There are several different ways to seal a package or box, but if I want to be safe, I have to be able detect the tampering attempts. If you apply a label or tape to the package which leaves a text or logo when tampered with, then you have a solution! If the bad guy tries to reseal the package, you still will be able to detect that someone opened it.

If you pack and send expensive material, like books, ceramics, cigars, hi-tech items or something similar, it is possible a customer does not receive the same thing you packed for them. Argument ensues, was the item in it or not? It is safer to secure the box in a way you can avoid the damage of your reputation! If the box is unopened, the problem happened during the packaging process, if the package is tampered with, then it is possible you have to change your shipping partner. Even a couple of counterfeited or stolen items could cost the manufacturer more than the total cost of product security, so our opinion is that product security is way more economical.

4. The hologram label is easy to handle

You can manufacture hologram label or any other, holographic, or simpler VOID tamper security label in two different forms: Sheet form or roll form. Usually, the sheet form is for smaller amounts, in the case of a few thousand pieces or in the ten thousands range, because this form can only be applied manually. For small amounts, this is an optimal solution. However, you have to be careful at the application, because the security label is called security for a reason, if it is applied to the surface, it cannot be removed or repositioned, as after the label adheres to the surface, it can only be peeled off in pieces or leaving an indistinguishable mark on the surface. There are some solutions, where the label can be replaced in the first few minutes, and they stabilize only after a given amount of time, but it is cheaper and easier to apply the label to the optimal place on the first try.

Naturally, at over a million copies, the need for machine application comes forth. This is the time, when the roll form jumps in. The design of the label does not change though the hologram can be applied to the surface on a production line quickly in large quantities. There is no upper limit for the amount of hologram label orders at our company. However, if the customer wants to use more than 2-5 million pcs per month, in some cases other solutions like unique hot stamping foil or cold foil are more efficient and cheaper thus we highly recommend them. Every problem has an ideal, cost efficient solution and we gladly give advice to our customers to reach the perfect result.

We can provide  even  tens of millions of security labels or hologram security labels for our customers, and we have experience with hundred thousand square meter hot stamping foil orders too.

5. Because it is hard to access this type of security label for others

There are hologram security labels which are so called „general pattern” labels, which have some standard text on the label, like „Original”, „Authentication”, „Valid” or „Genuine”. These labels can be ordered from our site directly here. They are usually used on single occasion events like local cultural or sports events where the tickets are sold on site. The hologram label protects the ticket from counterfeiting attempts by photocopying. It is very difficult to obtain that particular label for them on the fly, which makes the counterfeiting impossible.
When a product needs to be protected on the long run, we recommend custom security labels. This contains the logo of the customer, with a custom text, if necessary. There are two options. If a small amount is needed, like for a diploma of a course, we suggest the Laser Lights label which is available from a few hundred pieces, but our suggested minimum is 1 000 hologram labels. If more than 10 000 pieces are needed, we find the best hologram factory  for your needs, who makes the perfect label for you. We have 30 years of experience in the field to help you out.

6. The hologram label is hard to copy

Hologram labels are perfect for tax stamps and security seals, as since it has been invented, there is nothing as hard to counterfeit as the hologram label. It cannot be copied by standard printing methods. If the perpetrator tries to take a photo or photocopies it, the copy will only have a very distinctive rainbow pattern which is easily identifiable. That is the main reason cash, government documents, tax stamps and credit cards have hologram protection for anti-counterfeiting purposes. Only hologram manufacturers can produce hologram labels worldwide, a regular printing company is unable to do that. Holographic printing materials, like hot stamping foil, can be used by printing companies, but that is application, not manufacturing process. Hot stamping engraved masters can be made to make special printed effects, but those can easily be distinguished from holograms. The main reason is the resolution. The hologram is manufactured in a highly detailed 120 000 dpi format, we even have access to holograms over one million dpi. The conventional printing methods are quite far from this thoroughness, despite the advancements the industry made in the past years with innovative security printings. The hologram labels also have an innovative feature, the demetalisation. You can find these features on the new Euro banknote. This security element features a demetalised part of the original hologram label material, which makes it partially transparent. This technique isn’t even available for most of the hologram manufacturers, only for those who specialize in security holograms.

7. Because the holographic label makes the product unique and outstanding

Many people like splendor. This glimmering is well visible in the social media, in cosmetics and even in the printing industry. Naturally the extent of the glimmering is matter of the current fashion, and eastern societies prefer more splendor than westerners, still, marketing experts realized that shiny products sell more. Hologram decoration makes the packaging unique, and has been used for several years now on products like toothpaste.

8. Because the competition does not have a holographic security label (yet)

Being first is always an advantage. It has its risks and challanges, but the rewards can be high. When the hologram security label first appears on your product, it will give you an advantage against your competitors’ products. The customer will see that you take the secure packaging seriously, the aesthetics of the product is important to you and this way, you will seem more professional. The customers will realize that your product is high quality. A spectacular hologram label will highlight your product.

9. Maybe your competitor has some kind of security label already

If your competitor has a security seal that is difficult to reproduce, you should think about getting one for yourself, because it is possible you need it too. In the eyes of the customer, that product will seem safer than the other products on the market. We have encountered multiple industries where the use of hologram labels increased the sales so at the end, all participants started to use them.

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