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The best security labels in Hungary.
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People have been using holographic solutions increasingly in the last 25 years in order to protect their products from counterfeiting, to make the products unique, or to simply attract attention. The evolution of the printing industry regarding holography has created such an unrivaled technology which to this day cannot be replaced by anything else. Our premium quality customised holograms are created with a 120 000 dpi master which prevents replication in any way.

The technologies and materials shown on this site can satisfy most of our customers' needs but if required, our continuous research and development for unique combinations ensure your product's safety and unmatched aesthetics.

Hologram labels and security labels The idea of Hologram Hungary sparked in 2016. We wanted to ensure the irish market has the opportunity for genuine hologram labels with good quality for affordable prices. In 2017, we established Hologram Hungary Ltd and started our operation in Budapest. Our main product lines are hologram labels, security labels, destructible labels, Void labels, and other security materials. Our products, the hologram labels, the void labels, the destructible labels and other tamper proof materials are affordable and have the best quality. The hologram labels of Hologram Hungay are high quality material, which are designed for the most customer satisfaction. We have good quality for great prices. We have two different type of materials, destructible hologram labels for small quantities, and PET hologram labels for larger quantities. The destructible security labels are made from a special destructible material, which tears onto pieces when someone tries to remove it, so it cannot be resealed or replaced elsewhere. We also have another type of security label, the Void label. This security label is made from Void material, which leaves the Void imprint on the surface after removing it. This tamper proof material works perfectly on many different surfaces, like paper, plastic, even glass or metal. This security material makes great security labels, because it has zero transfer, partial transfer and full transfer conditions, which makes this security label great choice for many customers, especially for those who want to use barcode or QR code on their labels, but does not need large quantities. The Void label comes in many different colors, white void, silver void, but we also have void security labels in yellow, green, red or blue colour. The void label can have many void texts by default, but if you want a truly unique security label, we even can make custom void text with your company name or other necessary text for your custom security sticker. The LaserLights destructible hologram label is a unique hologram label, a security label which is available in small quantites with great price. This hologram label is made of ultra destrictible vinyl material, so this hologram sticker is tearing into small pieces when tried to remove. This security label is made 100% by Hologram Hungary for our customers. The hologram label is custom made, unique hologram label with personal or company logo on it, with holographic security background or just normal rainbow. We can do monochrome colors of red, blue, green, gold or silver with holographic rainbow effect. The laser lights hologram label with custom logo or text will be ready in 2 weeks after your order. It is a fastly made, custom hologram label, which cannot be counterfeited. If you are looking for unique experience with custom made hologram labels, the real hologram labels are the solution for you. 120000 dpi Kinemax master, with so much detail you hardly find the security elements on your own labels, not to mention the counterfeiters, because your hologram labels will cause just headscratches, as it will be impossible to counterfeit your hologram label. Not to mention the aesthetics experience what this label can cause. The detailed label can have many different security and aesthetic features incuding the flip-flop effect of changing pictures on the hologram labels, or the multi color effect. The security elements of the hologram label are the hidden image and the microtext. Even simpler nanotext is available on your security label. The possibilities are prevented only by the imagination. But we can assure your hologram sticker will be in good hands and your hologram label will be unique, aesthetic and secure.
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